October, 1993
To the editor of the Houston Post:

First off, a word to David Bachert and the Houston Post for the favorable review of the MOB's halftime show – thanks. You can hardly imagine how much work goes into producing a homecoming halftime show that is well received by the Aggies, Rice Alums, current students and the members of the MOB. The favorable press is important to us, especially in light of the false rumors of our past performances, something that the same article helped to perpetuate.

For the last two weeks I have been trying to relieve the tensions that were building because of our plans for a "20th Anniversary" halftime show. Most of my efforts were through the Internet, via email and postings in the Usenet newsgroup rec.sport.football.college. I was in contact with several Aggies and gradually straightened out the snarl of false rumors about our past. Specifically, the rumor that the MOB made fun of the passing of the Aggies' mascot, Reveille. We never did that.

In 1973 we made fun of a lot of things that are special to the Aggies, including Reveille, but Reveille was at the game, and her immediate predecessor died in 1966. At that game the MOB formed a fire hydrant on the field and the script read:

The MOB now salutes Reveille, the mascot of the Aggies. This is a little dog with a big responsibility. But even Reveille likes to make that pause that refreshes. (Pause) So the MOB has formed a fire hydrant and plays "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?"

This is poorly-aimed scatalogical humor (Reveille is female), not a joke about a deceased mascot.

The MOB did not travel to the game at Kyle Field in 1974. The game in 1975 was the first time the MOB faced the Aggies since watching them from the tailgates of the foodservice trucks that rescued them from Rice Stadium on November 17, 1973.

Reveille III died in May of 1975, but her burial was delayed both by the preparations necessary to prepare a plot for her and, because school was not in session, no one would be on hand for the funeral. That's where the pernicious rumor got its start.

We "heard" that we were planning a "mock funeral" show. It was news to us. We also received letters from various important people at A&M warning us of the dire consequences of putting on such a show. The MOB had no intention of doing such a show, but the rumor persisted.

The MOB was actually planning a "Secret Owl Band" show for the A&M game. That show was a satirical look at Rice, along the same lines as the '73 A&M show, but aimed at ourselves instead. As I recall, the crowd liked it.

The MOB is trying hard to ease the tension between our two great universities, which was the main point in David's article. Please help us to keep our shaky "cease-fire" in place – no more smoking-gun stories about an incident that had only a toy gun with a sign hanging from the barrel that says: "BANG!"

— John "Grungy" Gladu – Rice U. MOBster '73-'93

P.S. – I can get all of the details to you if you want them. Can you please help us to squash this ugly rumor once and for all?

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