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Fedora: Home of the MOB

Welcome to Fedora, the online home of Rice University's famous Marching Owl Band -- or as we're better known, The MOB. When we aren't terrorizing the neighborhood or bribing the local cops, we take time out of our busy schedules to entertain -- after all, that's what we do best. We're a group of people who enjoy performing for audiences, bringing them quality music and a little bit of fun, too.

When most people hear about us for the first time, they start thinking about their high school marching band. Do you think of boring military marches or excitingly dull "latin" themes when you think of a "marching" band? If so, stop. The MOB plays arrangements of rock 'n roll classics as well as some of today's modern songs. Our musicians play regular band instruments, but we also have positions for violins, electric/bass guitar, and keyboardists -- we even have a cello! Better yet, we don't march

In fact, our shows are closer to a comedy routine than any other halftime show you have probably seen before. We poke fun of our opponents, current events (the political scene is always fun), Rice, the Aggies of course, and occasionally ourselves, too. But how do we do it? A band might be fun to listen to, but how can a bunch of people and instruments be funny?

The MOB has more up its sleeves than just musicians (we've got those too). We have our own comedic arsenal: The Show Assistants. The SAs, as we refer to them, are the non-musicians who build our props and act-out our skits while the musicians provide the soundtrack. Our finely-tuned announcer reads our script -- unique for every show -- and together we form a halftime that actually entertains! We recently received standing ovations from audiences at Louisiana Tech (2001) and the 109,778 individuals at the Rice-Michigan game in Ann Arbor the year before.

Finally, as we said above, we are a group of people -- not just Rice students. While Rice undergraduate students constitute the main body and student-administration of The MOB, we have members from other schools and even working professionals -- some even travel from Austin to make the games in Houston! And unlike any other band out there, we have members who have been in The MOB since its inception over 30 years ago.

So if The MOB sounds intriguing to you, we encourage you to explore the depths of this website and to contact us -- especially if you'd like to join us. Read the Frequently-Asked-Questions or listen to some of our music via the links on the left, visit other areas of the site by using the menu bar at the top, or visit our message boards from the link on the main page.

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