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School songs

Rice's Honor The alma mater of Rice University, based upon the march Our Director.
Rice Fight Song The official fight song; for our unofficial fight song, find a copy of Louie, Louie.
Bonnet An old-school school song.
Thirty Second Bonnet 30 seconds. 'Nuff said.

Just for fun

Rice Fight Cheer Rice fight, never die.
Blue, gray, in the sky.
Stand. Cheer. Drink more beer!
Go! Go! Gooooo Rice!
Rehearsal: DCI Imitation Listen as our director, Chuck, demonstrates his verbal rendition of a DCI drum corps percussion line during a rehearsal.
DCI Techno Perfect for your next lightswitch rave, a techno remix of the DCI rehearsal clip.
The Book "The Book" (all of the music we play) in convenient YouTube playlist form.
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