Welcome to the Horns!

About the Horns

Hi, I’m Meagan and I’m the horn section leader!! If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re interested in becoming one of us– but gaining access to the best section in the MOB isn’t that easy. In order to make sure you’ve got the right qualifications, you have to pass…


1. Who is your least favorite composer?
A. John Philip Sousa
B. John Philip Sousa
C. John Philip Sousa
D. John Philip Sousa

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Shrek?
A. 10000000000000000000000
B. The number of different names the flute/oboe/piccolo section has
C. My love for Shrek can’t be quantified
D. I can’t answer because I’m too sad that I had to miss the MOB trip to see Shrek the Musical live last semester

3. Louie, Louie?
B. *swings mellophone aggressively side to side*
C. *cowbell*
D. *accidentally sits in a spit valve puddle while getting on the floor*

4. Do you like taking section trips to go get Asian food and watch Meagan and Jake struggle to use chopsticks like the white people we are?
A. No, I also struggle with the chopstick life
B. Yes, that sounds hilarious
C. It took Meagan a solid 5 minutes to pick up a peanut
D. Then we went to get ice cream, which was an easier eat

5. What should the ship name for Duke and Fernando be?
A. Duknando
B. Skeleduck
C. My Bones are Quackin’
D. Fernanduke

Congratulations, you’ve done it!! Not only have you gotten into Rice (I heard the acceptance rate dropped to like 11% this year– they probably realized I got in and were like, “We can’t have more people like her, we gotta make this harder”), but now you can join the BEST, COOLEST, WEEABOO-EST section in the whole MOB! We look forward to having you!! Also the rest of the section is MOBstaff so my job as section leader is pretty much just gonna be make sure you do the stuff.

If you’re interested in joining the horns section, sign up here!