Welcome to the Horns!

About the Horns

Horn Section — A Series of Haiku
By the Esteemed Poet (lol)
Meagan Hale
AKA Horn Section Leader, Summer Procrastinator, and Destroyer of Worlds

You should join the horns
We are the coolest section
Here are reasons why

We go on “horn dates”
Madagascar minigolf
Wear crazy bowties

We play some fun parts
Sweet Caroline, BAH BAH BAH
Dancing to Louie

Weekly dinners, yum
Should have sectionals but nah
(Only if you want)

A bunch of chill dudes*
Don’t stress about anything
We are here for you!

Super giant nerds
We want you to join our fam
Come have fun with us

*dudes being used here as a gender-neutral term

If you’re interested in joining the horns section, sign up here!