Welcome to Low Brass!

About Low Brass:

Welcome to the MOB’s Low Brass section, person who can play Trombone/Euphonium! Not only will you play some great music, you’ll also take part in some great times! Just as zinc and copper merge to create brass, so the Trombones and Euphoniums merge to create one section of low brass.

Here are just some things you can look forward to:

  • During early morning football games, you get to sit higher up and in the shade.
  • During music rehearsals, you have an entire row to ourselves (#bonding)
  • Section movie nights spread throughout both semesters
  • Occasional section meals for even more bonding
  • Probably playing too loud at some point
  • Being in the presence of a safe (the word for a group of ducks while on land) of rubber ducks belonging to your section leader
  • Even more bonding while in the presence of the rest of the band


If this short intro to your section wasn’t enough for you, watch the video above to meet your future section leader, Michael M (from Will Rice College). Thanks for visiting the MOB!

Michael M, Low Brass Section Leader

Jake S, Captain Brass


If you’re interested in joining the low brass section, sign up here!