Welcome to the Trumpets!

About the Trumpets

Whale-come to the MOB Trumpet section, a pack of cool people who love to play exciting moose-ic, talk about everything from sports to movies, and have an otter-ly fantastic time together! Whether you are(dvark) a novice to the best instrum-ant, or a grizzly-d veteran, we’d appreci-ape your assist-ants in keeping the trumpet section the loudest and friend-lion-est section in the band. The trumpet section does moray than just play(tapus) our instrument, we also have weekly section dinners, and enjoy hanging out in the bandaconda hall, where we watch movies, play boar-d games, and do pig-saw puzzles.

This coming year, if you are looking for people to snake music with, a herd of students who want to be your friends, or something to get ewe away from the grind of stu-dying for a few hours, join the MOB trumpet section. Owl hope to seal you soon!

– Nolan B

If you’re interested in joining the trumpets section, sign up here!