to the Trumpets!

About the Trumpets

Welcome to the MOB TRUMPET SECTION, a notorious gang of MOBsters known for PLAYING LOUD, being the best section in the band, and generally having a fantastic time. Regardless of your skill or experience with the trumpet we look forward to making EXCITING MUSIC with you and forming great FRIENDSHIPS. The trumpets are all about taking excessive helpings of the best parts of band, like playing fun music (we get the best parts), and having COOL LOOKING INSTRUMENTS, while completely ignoring the painful parts, such as lugging around heavy instruments, or running around in the BLAZING SUN for hours on end (those days are over).

This fall if you want a cool group of people to play your instrument with, want to make some new friends, need to take a break from studying and have some fun, or just feel like you want to do unusual things with people who embrace weirdness then join the MOB trumpet section! I can’t wait to see you there!

Nolan B – Trumpet Section Leader

If you’re interested in joining the trumpets section, sign up here!