to the Trumpets!

About the Trumpets

Hello new person! If you are reading this you have stumbled onto the page of the best section in the MOB. If you are a trumpet player, if you want to be one, or if you’re just interested in what goes on in my mind late at night keep reading! I am really excited to meet you guys, and I hope you are thinking about maybe, possibly, probably, definitely being a trumpet player so read the thing below.


Just a few incentives to join the trumpet section: we play super loud, we have lots of people so you can impress your high school friends with all your suave new MOB friends (or you can hide behind all of us if that’s your thing), we play a small instrument so you won’t get tired running around the field, we can play in the rain, we look cool, you get to borrow a trumpet (or bring your own, you do you fam), I will give you a high-five.

See ya soon!

Grace I, Trumpets Section Leader

Jake S, Captain Brass


If you’re interested in joining the trumpets section, sign up here!