to the Tubas!

About the Tubas

Bienvenue au section sousaphone! Pardon my french. A lot of people get carried away with their language in college. The sousaphone section is all about having fun with and working together. Whether we’re using the band hall as our own study space or trying to decide on an impromptu dance for a song we’re playing, there are always loads of fun to have and memories to make!

Such shenanigans include, but are not limited to:

  • Movie nights
  • Game nights (disclaimer: depends on what we have available, but can range from videogames to card games to board games)
  • Optional section dinners
  • As previously stated, impromptu dances during performances
  • Possibly more puns than you can handle (especially from yours truly)
  • And as much tomfoolery as Tom Foolery himself (It’s actually o’Bedlam, but don’t worry about it)

Hope to see you soon!

Joseph M, Tubas Section Leader

Jake S, Captain Brass


If you’re interested in joining the tubas section, sign up here!