Welcome to the Clarinets!

About the  Clarinets

Hi! This here is the clarinet section page for future MOBsters!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to the MOB. Also, you have probably experienced high school marching band in one way or another, and with these experiences have a preconceived notion of what band would be like in a college setting… BUT FEAR NOT! The MOB retains all of the good characteristics of your nostalgic childhood memories while simultaneously abandoning the bad ones, on a faraway island of high-school anxiety and trauma, never to be returned to!

The MOB is like a communist utopia! A rhizomatic structure of friendly people, dedicated, not to performance or efficiency, but to shared memories, interpersonal relations and a lasting legacy. The clarinet section is like a nice little rustic village in said communist utopia! We are organized around each other in a system of near equality, dependent on the dedication of each other to sustaining a simple and compassionate collective, and we cultivate new memories as our sustenance!


In all honesty, I’m new to this whole thing too, but I hope that we can build something new together! Really, everything’s pretty chill. I hope to be able to take people to grab food as a section, have late night anime watching sessions (or whatever else, doesn’t have to be anime for sure), and learn alongside you all!

I’m glad you’re joining us! See you in the fall!

Jolen M, Clarinets Section Leader

Chad F, Baron von Woodwind


If you’re interested in joining the clarinets section, sign up here!