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About the Saxophones

Hello stranger. I’m very grateful and glad you decided to stop by to visit this little website of ours. My name is Orlando, rising sophomore Will Ricer, and I’m the section leader of this little sax section. The sax section is small, but it is mighty. Mighty cozy is what it is. I always feel comforted by the warm embrace of camaraderie that comes with being a member of our exclusive little club. In the sax section, we have a long standing tradition of kooky dancing at the games whenever we aren’t playing our instruments. We also like to have section dinners every week in order to share stories and struggles related to our college experience. The sax section enjoys helping each other with everything ranging from how to nail a difficult rhythm to providing the support one needs to pass a hard class. If you’re a new student (or a returning one), I welcome you to join our little section and add a little bit of spice to your Rice life.

Orlando C, Saxophone Section Leader

Chad F, Baron von Woodwind


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