Welcome to the Saxophones!

About the Saxophones

Hello there! My name is Jose. I’m a sophomore at Hanszen and whether you meant to click on this or not, I would like to welcome you to the MOB saxophone section!!! As everyone knows, saxophones are meant to be the life blood of any band: marching, scatter, concert, jazz. Some may think that’s because we contribute the most musically. While true, I believe saxophones shine because of our extremely intense excitement that we bring to all sporting events. We are the loudest and proudest of all the sections. Of course, this intensity brings us closer together as a section. Just like the MOB is a family, the saxophones are everybody’s crazy 2nd cousins. I look forward to getting to know you and enjoy the fun insanity of #MOBLife.

P.S. you should also join Rice Jazz Ensemble.

If you’re interested in joining the saxophone section, sign up here!