Welcome to the Trumpets!

Congrats on getting into Rice! And congrats on joining the MOB trumpet section!

What’s that, some of you haven’t joined?

Nonsense, anyone can join at any time!

Oh, some of you don’t even play trumpet?

We can teach you! Come join in the fun!

The trumpet section is known for our POWER of course. The loud (but good) sounds of our section soar above the band in all of our music, especially in the many jazz-influenced tunes we play or even rock classics like Carry On My Wayward Son! We have room for all skill levels to play in the section, so anyone can play with us and have a great time in the greatest section!

The trumpet section also has weekly dinners together with other sections just to chill and relax with each other, and of course we always participate in the MOBs many social events, such as video game tournaments or volleyball games. We always show up to compete, but also to just become better friends with the entire MOB!

Here in the MOB, the trumpet section also has an incredibly storied history! Heck, the man the band hall is NAMED AFTER, John “Grungy” Gladu, is a regular here in the section at 65ish years young! And we always have a strong alumni presence at games and events, so there are always so many stories to hear and people to meet!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the MOB trumpet section, we are already so excited to have you!

Your fearless SL, Charles R. Dyall.

P.S. If you’re still on the edge, email me at crd15@rice.edu and I will answer ANY questions you have at all!

If you’re interested in joining the trumpets section, sign up here!