Welcome to the Clarinets!

Howdy! I’m Connor, the MOB’s Clarinet Section Leader. Welcome! Hopefully you arrived here because you’re interested in joining the MOB. If so, go ahead and click the link below—whether you just want to keep playing clarinet as you transition into life as a Rice student or you want to start learning the instrument because your favorite Spongebob character plays it, you’re in the right place! Even if you’re one of infinite monkeys clacking away at computers and you happened to travel to this link, you’re welcome to join!

While we do strive to play our music well, we don’t expect you to spend hours each night doing endless drills. We will have sectionals from time to time, but we’ll also play physically distant board games and enjoy dinner together before rehearsal, to get to know eachother better and just to have a good time!

This year is going to be different in a lot of ways as we make sure everything we do is as safe as possible, but rest assured—the MOB will always be fun.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

-Connor O.

If you’re interested in joining the clarinets section, sign up here!

Previous Section leader passing the torch on to me, the short one

Clarinets asserting their dominance over the flobilos

Yayyy Familyyyy @ the away game last year

Family photo 2 years ago at the MOB dinner

Connor O’Sullivan just being Connor

Chris Yau says hi :)