Welcome to the Saxophones!

Hi! Welcome to the saxophone section, the best in the band. Whether you’re here because you love the instrument, have a curiosity about the MOB, or accidentally clicked our page instead of the clarinets/trumpets, you are definitely in the right place!

My name is Liam and I am the saxophone section leader! I am a Sophomore at Jones College currently living off campus. I enjoy the simple things in life like music, soccer (or football if you really care that much about it), video games, my number 42 Whataburger tent, and ice cream coffee from Teahouse in Rice Village.

But that’s enough about me, you’re interested in the MOB! Even if you aren’t it’s too late! I’ve decided that for you! What a fantastic choice. In a typical year you can experience the joys of gettin’ down to Louie Louie, poking fun at other schools during shows, playing a wide variety of music from The Mortal Kombat Theme to Jack and Diane to the Black Parade, holding up pictures of Peppa Pig and Kermit and yelling your head off in hopes that a basketball player that you have never met before misses a free throw, and much more!

But what a crazy year it’s going to be! Instruments with masks? Antics and general jollities from either 6 feet away or hundreds of thousands? Discourse on anything from the value of anime to which foods are okay and which are absolute abominations that should be burned immediately? You betcha. Also there’s a really cool link below this, I think you should click it. Come on just click it, there’s nothing to be scared about. No this isn’t peer pressure, it’s just your turn. Just do it. Clicked it? Nice.

-Liam G.

If you’re interested in joining the saxophone section, sign up here!