Welcome to The Rice MOB!

Woah! New rehearsal times! Monday 7-8:30p; Tuesday 7-8:30p; Thursday 7-8:30p, starting 8/21/17 @ South Rice Stadium.

What is the Marching Owl Band? An age old question. Some say we’re tacky. Distasteful. Shameless. Offensive. And we agree completely. The MOB is all of those things and more. We pride ourselves on playing good music, mocking those who deserve it, and having fun.

We’re “Marching” in name only. Instead, we scatter to various formations and play from them. In truth, we’re performance artists, but rather than just dance interpretively to hazy saxophone, or spin fire, we do these things while also making fun of people.

So, come and join us, and find out that there’s still room for rock out on the field!