Welcome to the Percussion Section!

About the Percussion Section

It’s a bird! It’s an infinite, two-dimensional surface normal to a nonzero vector! It’s the Rice MOB Percussion section page!


In the MOB Percussion section, we’re all about banging, sticking, pounding, and generally making loud noises. We’re good with our hands, we have plenty of stamina, and we can keep the tempo going fast long into the night.

With our excellent grip, technique, and powerful forearms, we can make every time together special. A well-lubricated machine, we always use both hands and stick in sync to build up to that final crescendo.

Lacking experience? Performance anxiety? That’s okay! It’s everyone’s first time at some point, and we’ll be gentle. We’ll be happy to show you the ropes (and the whip in the back room)!

If banging frequently, getting hot and sweaty in public, and eating tacos on a weekly basis sounds good to you, join the MOB Percussion section! We’d sure love you to come!

Got any questions? Scarred from what you just read? Email/Protest/Cry Profusely to Cody at


If you’re interested in joining the percussion section, sign up here!