Welcome to the Percussion Section!

Hello there! My name is Sanjay, and two fun facts about me are: (1) I kicked a 15-yard field goal in crocs once, (2) I am actually the poet-in-residence for both the percussion section and the MOB. It would be appropriate to introduce you to the percussion section with a haiku, as those are my specialty:

We are percussion
The best section in the MOB
That’s facts no printer

Ok ok I’m not actually poet-in-residence, but I am going to be your section leader for this upcoming year! You’ve definitely joined the right section, as MOB percussionists are widely regarded as the coolest people in the MOB, if not the world. The percussion section here consists of the usual snares, quad toms, basses, cymbals, and bell sets, but we are definitely open to proposals for “unconventional” subsections and instruments. As long as it maintains our most important tradition of asserting dominance over other sections, your ideas are always appreciated : )

As you may already know from what you’ve seen of the MOB, we’re not going to grind for hours on end, cleaning up every triplet diddle and repping cadences into oblivion. That would not be very fun. Our number one goal is to just have a bunch of fun as a section (and carry the MOB on our shoulders while we’re at it), so we’ll be doing that both inside and outside rehearsal time.

Well, that’s all I have to say. I hope to see you all soon, whether that’s in ZoomLand or at the band hall! ^-^ <3 <3

-Sanjay P.


If you’re interested in joining the percussion section, sign up here!