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About Electronics

Hello. Do you play an instrument that cannot be heard without electricity? Do you play an obnoxious instrument? Do you play novelty instruments for fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found the right section of the MOB. The electronics section hosts a variety of instruments (many of which cross over with the strings such as electric bass, guitar, electric guitar, keytar, keyboard, kazoo, electric kazoo, melodica, electric ukelele, electric bass ukelele, electric violin, electric viola, electric cello, bagpipes, didgeridoo, accordion, and many more). If you play it, we’d gladly welcome you to the family of Electronics.

We pride ourselves in being the most noticeable group in the MOB (that’s true, we catch attention wherever we go), and definitively best of the “marching” electronics section. If you have absolutely no clue about “marching” business, it okeeey! Because we don’t actually “move and play” most of the time (carrying our instrument is just
enough pain, isn’t it?), and we possess the privilege to march the least in performances (yeah!). We’ll equip you with all you need, attachable flip folders, music stands etc. We also have instruments you can borrow, if you don’t want to expose your own to the elements, simply check with the instrument manager. And in harsh weathers, we always have piles of kazoos for usage.

Weekly trainings (only in fall semesters, so you guys will have a reaaally chill spring!) are on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday. Good thing though, we don’t hold sectionals on weekly basis (you may as well join the strings during their sectionals, if u wish to practice your music~).

If you don’t want to fill up your schedule with even more playing, we also have a section dinner. Section dinners are just a time for us to bond, fill up our bodies with much needed nutrients, relax, and share ideas. Currently we don’t have many sectional activities, cuz there’s just so few of us (sad face). But if you want to try anything new, please come check us out. We are always open to ideas.

Henry C, Electronics Section Leader

If you’re interested in joining the electronics section, sign up here!