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Hello. Do you play an instrument that cannot be heard without electricity? Do you play an obnoxious instrument? Do you play novelty instruments for fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found the right section of the MOB. The electronics section hosts a variety of instruments (many of which cross over with the strings ((insert venn  diagram here))) such as electric bass, guitar, electric guitar, keytar, keyboard, kazoo, electric kazoo, melodica, electric ukelele, electric bass ukelele, electric violin, electric viola, electric cello, bagpipes, didgeridoo (please provide your own), accordion, and many more. If you play it, we will have you.

Another aspect of the electronics section is that we are an animal loving culture. You will never go long without images of our pets (mostly cats). Animal memes are much appreciated, though aren’t always provided. To become the star of the show, all you have to do is provide memes and pictures of animals (alive and not injured) and we will adore you.

If animals aren’t your cup of tea- that’s okay. We can play music instead (probably your reason for joining the mob). Sectionals are a fun way that we can bond over our music, learn it, and relax. If you have something specific you want to play, bring it and we’ll play it!

If you don’t want to fill up your schedule with even more playing, we can have a section dinner. Section dinners are just a time for us to bond, fill up our bodies with much needed nutrients, relax, and share ideas (though we are always open to ideas).

If animals, music and food aren’t your thing, maybe guitar hero is. We have veteran players for those experienced people to compete against, or some greenhorns if you’re just finding your bearings.

If your jam isn’t guitar hero, maybe you like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). As the difficulty increases, most of us don’t keep trying, but feel free to surpass us. We all have a calling of some sort.

If you can’t stand dancing, maybe try out super smash brothers with us. We are a casual bunch of players that enjoy the game (Disclaimer: often requires non-electronics members to play).

If you don’t like video games, try Mob fun nights. Though few before second semester, they are nights filled with games, friends, food, and drink (for all ages- meaning non-alcoholic). The official mob guaranteed functions mostly happen second semester, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have fun together watching shows (such as the office, star trek, whose line is it anyways, and dancing with the stars, attack on titan) or movies (such as donny darko, hannibal, pitch perfect, high school musical, zootopia).

Now, if you don’t like anything mentioned at all, I have to ask: What are you doing here?


Sam R, Electronics Section Leader

Christine L, Empress of the Strings


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