Welcome to the Strings!

About the Strings

MOBstrings: Often seen, rarely heard

Self-proclaimed best damn marching strings section of the South

Hey there. Welcome to the other most oddball section in the MOB. We weren’t kidding in that fancy intro video when we say we’re the best section. In addition to being the most famous group,

we’re also the closest/tightest section, often referring to ourselves as the strings family, fire nation, or the strings empire. This is probably because most of us bond over being fresh out of high school orchestra and are brand new to this whole “form a straight line”, “out in the elements”, “the winds need to breathe”, “marching on a field” business. Thankfully, we rarely play while walking at the same time, and if Chuck makes us, we all throw a fit. Nevertheless, this is certainly the one of the coolest, most unique ensembles to play in as a strings musician, and a great one to be in if you’re sick of the conformity of orchestra and want to really express yourself.


Our section is littered with traditions that sets us apart from the others, namely Strings Section Selfies, section dinners, late-nighting for boba, Cats of MOBStrings, Strings Swings, CrossdressStrings, being constantly at odds with anyone louder than us (everyone), dragging in every strings friend we know into the band, dragging non-strings members into our section anyways, and annihilating the competition at Karaoke Night. We are also currently 0-1 against the Horns Section in sand volleyball and that needs to be fixed ASAP.


We’re a carefree, fun-loving, passionate, welcoming group of hooligans. If you: pawned off your cello to pay for student loans, want to try something different and new, feel tired of orchestra, almost gave up playing since you came to college despite dedicating a solid 7+ years of your life or whatever to your craft, hate auditions, enjoy the powerful, full-body sound of a winds ensemble, and/or love playing music while standing, then you’re right at home with us.


Current Leadership:

Empress of Strings (and Electronics), self-proclaimed Band Mom, Misclass Maestra:

Christine L

College: Will Rice 2018

Instrument: Violin


Strings Section Leader, Cat Whisperer, Poke War Enabler:

Braulio G


Instrument: Violin


MOB Strings FAQ:

Q: So how exactly does this “band” shindig work with your precious, thousand(s) dollar high-maintenance wooden baby?

A: It doesn’t, unless the owner is cool with it. We have a closet full of borrowable instruments to subject to the Houston humidity, direct sunlight, and heat, so our personal instruments don’t have to. (Except basses, unless anyone would like to donate… )

If it rains on our parade, we have other plans. Like kazoos. Lots of kazoos. Our mission is to annoy the crap out of the people next to us (it is truly a beautiful, soulful instrument, we swear)


Q: But wait, how can a strings instrument even be heard out there on the field?

A: Well…

  1. Rosin hard
  2. Set the bow firmly near the bridge
  3. Tilt bow towards the bridge
  4. Use the full damn bow
  5. And then plug instrument into an amp.

When other sections have “mezzopiano”, we have “fortissimo”.

(But hey at least we’re the most visually interesting group, besides the trombones. Dang, they’re flashy.)

Q: Ok but do you have to memorize tons of music from your extensive, massive repertoire of band music, or do you tote around a stand?

A: Heck no ×2. We use a flute flip folder hooked around the scroll of our instruments (violin, viola), or a harmonica holder (cello, bass, etc.).


Q: Cellos and basses are heavy. Is it just arm day every day?

A: We built a cello harness. But for basses, yes, it’s arm day, unless you wanna pop in a wheel end pin.


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