Welcome to the Strings!

Welcome, stranger, to the Strings section page! We pride ourselves in being the coolest group in the MOB, and the best “marching” strings section you’ll find anywhere. None of us knew what marching was like before we joined the MOB, but we’ve found a place to make friends and continue playing our instruments. Life’s tough for a MOB string player. However, hardship forges the strongest bonds between us.

Have no clue about any of this “marching” business? Neither did we (and most of us still don’t)! Thankfully, we rarely need to play while moving and only need to form the occasional straight line, with some difficulty. We’ll equip you with all you need, from attachable flip folders for music, to harnesses for cellos. We have instruments you can borrow, if you don’t want to expose your own to the elements, but rain or shine, we always have our infinite stash of specialty kazoos.

Here in the MOB Strings, we rosin hard and we play hard. Individually, though, we’re a group of pretty chill people. This year, we’ve:

  • Danced to Louie Louie during every rehearsal
  • Discussed the merits of the SpongeBob in Pop Culture during section dinners
  • Explored the mysteries of different colleges
  • Watched the sunrise together at 6 AM

And we have a lot more things to do and memories to make.

We’re always happy to have you with us no matter what : )

-Sam R.

If you’re interested in joining the strings section, sign up here!