Welcome to the Flutes/Oboes/Piccolos (Flobolos)!


Fliccoboes play good. Play flute. Some piccolo. Few oboe. Sometimes play board game.

No march. March bad. Scatter good. Scatter instead.

We have dinner. Eat together. Vote boba tea. Find boba tea. Eat dinner. Have boba. This section dinner.

Some people not like fruit. They picky. We give them fruit pie. Eat dinner. Have boba. Laugh at fruit haters. Better section dinner.

Band hall new home. Play board game in band hall when sun. Sleep in band hall when no sun. Join Obiclutes. Piccobutes new family. New tribe. Me chief because me have sharpest rock and heaviest club. You join. Bring fish.


If you’re interested in joining the Picclutoes, sign up here!