Welcome to Electronics!

Does your instrument require the power of Thor to be heard? Do you play a Kazoo and need it amplified? Do you play bagpipes, a didgeridoo or a harmonica? If you play an instrument and feel homeless because you don’t fit in the other sections, then call us your home. We like to have fun with our instruments and play together.

We are the most noticeable section in the band because no other band marches electric basses, guitars, accordions, and electric kazoos. Who cares if we can’t really “march”? We’ll make it work and have fun while doing it. The best part about the section isn’t the music though. The best part is the people you meet and the friends you make here. Weekly section bonding over dinner, Late-nights, and spontaneous boba adventures help bring us together and function better than any other section on the field and off.

We’re one of a kind and we hope you join our family <3

-Sam R.

If you’re interested in joining the electronics section, sign up here!